Theology Chair Becomes Deacon Oross


Deacon Oross’ Ordination. Photo from Today’s Catholic

Seth Badics

Recently, Mr. Verhiley and Mr. Oross, two of our Theology teachers, were ordained along with 16 other men as Deacons. This is a historical first in our diocese, as Saint Joe are the first school to have two ordained deacons as theology teachers as well.

Reporter Seth Badics caught up with Dcacon Oross to find out more about his ordination.

SB: How long have you been preparing for this ordination?

DO: The training and studying took 4 Years. We applied, and after receiving consideration for our candidacy to a diaconate, worked through the studying to become a Deacon.

SB: And what was the Ordination itself like?

DO: The bishop ordains deacons, priests, and their fellow bishops. It was an amazing experience in trying to totally die to myself and give my life to Christ. It was a beautiful ordination. It took 2 and a half hours, there were 18 of us being ordained, but it was really neat to not only be ordained but to also see my fellow Deacon brothers being ordained too.

SB: What would you say your favorite part of being a Deacon has been so far?

DO: Serving and assisting at mass. And, this past week, my father passed away. It was quite a privilege to do the things a Deacon can do in relation to a funeral: prayers, the vigil, committal at the cemetery. It was something that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Again, congratulations to Deacon Oross and Deacon Verhiley for their ordination. It is clear that they prepared intensively for this and their training has finally paid off.