Eckrich and Yergler on Senior Hockey Season


Kate Fry, Staff Reporter

The Indians Hockey team has had a great season being led by captain Stephen Eckrich and one of three assistant captains, Zach Yergler. With an outstanding season last year, going to state and nationals, the boys are faced with a younger team. Losing 9 seniors last year leaves them with many new faces as the freshman class outdoes most of the other grade levels on the team.

On this topic, Eckrich says “It has been different not having the guys from last year here but having a young team is still good, they have a lot of potential and are doing really well this year considering the circumstances.”

Yergler adds, “It has been a lot of fun getting to know the underclassmen and, like Deve said, the team will keep doing better as they get older.”

Both of the guys are confident, as they should be, with a record of 23-4-3 in their regular season, they have been thriving with the new additions to the team.

When asking the guys what they are looking forward to the most this season, they both answered in relatively similar ways, Yergler saying “I know that myself, along with Teddy (Hosinski), Preston (Parker), and Deve (Eckrich), want to make the most out of our senior season and try to not take anything for granted. It is a very bittersweet thing.”

Eckrich added to that by saying “With last season being so successful, going down that same route would be our main goal, but as Zach said, it’s all about enjoying everything while we can, you know?”

The team will be kept busy with many games ahead of them including the City Tournament coming in early February. We all wish them the best of luck, especially the seniors as they keep the season going strong!