Saint Joe Hockey on a Strong Run


Rya Lawler, Reporter

The hockey team has had a pretty successful season this year. Their current record is 23-4-3 with a little less than 10 games left this season. They are currently ranked 3rd in the state.

They recently had a big win against Culver academy recently on 1/17 with Teddy Hosinski and Jacob Hums with the goals. Hosinski scored a first period goal and Hums added one in the third period with the finishing score being 2-0. Zach Yergler had a incredible shutout with 32 blocks in the net. They then went on to defeat culver a second time in the week on 1/22 winning 5-3 with goals from Teddy Hosinski (2), Marko Zielinski, Alex Gerard, and Colton Edman.

They have upcoming games on Tuesday at 8 at Notre Dame Compton against the Blades , Penn at 6:45 at Icebox on January 27th and LSJ on Sunday, January 29th. Be sure to come out and support the team.