The Lock-IN!


Miriam Rios, Reporter

Hey Saint Joe! I’m sure by now you’ve heard information in regard to the Lock-IN that will be happening later this year. But in case you haven’t (or you want to find out more), this is the article for you!

The Lock-IN will be taking place on Saturday, February 18th, and will be from about 9 pm until 8 am the next day. As specified in the name, everyone will be “locked in” the school and will not be able to leave until the morning. But don’t worry, it’ll be tons of fun! We’ll start the night off by celebrating Mass and then the activities will begin. The Lock-IN will feature all sorts of exciting things to do, including movie watches, a basketball tournament, inflatables, and more! And, of course, food will be readily available throughout the night. There will be a midnight pizza dinner as well as snacks and drinks. 

One of the coolest things about the Lock-IN is that it is a student-sponsored event, meaning that it is being planned by a CREW of students along with our wonderful leader Mrs. Gergely. The proceeds received from this event will go to a charity of our choosing, so make sure to come out, have fun, and support! 

Tickets are currently being sold at lunches for a price of $25 each or 2/$40 just this week so make sure to get your tickets ASAP!