Indie Corner: Hollow Knight

Jacob Dimino, Staff Reporter

Today, in the Indie Corner, I will review the indie game Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight was created by Team Cherry in 2017. This game has a fantastic soundtrack, deep lore, and difficult boss battles. Hollow Knight is a metroidvania. A metroidvania is a genre of video games that originated in the metroid and castlevania series. The genre consists of nonlinear progression and getting upgrades to your weapons and gadgets to explore more parts of the map. This also includes intense boss battles and difficult platforming. 

The Lore of Hollow Knight

As a bug, you explore the world of Hollownest trying to uncover its secrets; one of which: why do you exist. As you travel through Hollownest, you will meet more than a few bugs to be your companion. Some are shop keepers like Sly, Selubra, Iselda, and Cornifer while others are warriors that help you in battle like Quirrel and Cloth. 

Speaking of warriors, the boss battles in Hollow Knight are phenomenal. The boss battles are similar to dark souls where you have to find the attack patterns and respond accordingly. As well as the intense fights, the music that accompanies your endeavors is wonderful. Two of the most memorable battles are The Mantis Lords and Dung Defender mostly because of the music. 

I think Hollow Knight is a solid 9/10. Its non-linear progression allows for replay-ability and exploration. You will obtain the same items but not always in the same way. Its music is fantastic and brings the world of Hollow Nest to life. And the characters have a rich history for a player to be immersed in.