Four Saint Joe Students bring home gold


Evan Wieneke

Lucy Williams (Senior), Niena Martin (Junior), Sam Norwood (Junior), and Brennan Moser (Junior) brought Gold keys back to Saint Joseph High School from this year’s Scholastic Writing Awards.

Awards are given to a student’s piece based on originality and skill. Skill is referred to as “craftsmanship and the way the work was made, but it may also refer to other types of skill. Consider critical thinking, problem-solving, or the way an idea is developed over time. Empathy can be a skill. Creativity is a skill.” by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, which grades and gives awards.

Lucy’s poem, Humanity- Fallen, was written about “how despite the pain and suffering that sometimes feels as if it’s surrounding us in the world, the beauty and kindness that lies within humanity is enough to bring us through and help people find meaning in everyday life.”

Along with the Gold Key winners, Saint Joe brought home many other awards including Silver and Honorable Mention. Silver key winners included Nkem Onunkwo, Meg Baxter, Emma Betz, Lainey Eder, Grace Kidder, Jenna Shelley, and Lucy Williams. Honorable Mention recipients include Eileen Marra, Jerry Barca, Dani Graham, Lizzy Kloska, Gabriel Polaniecki, Jenna Shelley, and Lucy Williams x3.