Indie Corner: Sable

Indie Corner: Sable

Jacob Dimino, Staff Reporter

Today, in the Indie Corner, I will review the indie game Sable. Overall I think that Sable is a fantastic open world rpg. Its artwork, story, and gameplay loop are top notch in the genre. The only issue is when the line art in the artwork becomes too much for my pc causing some lag issues. Overall I think that Sable holds its own as an indie game. I will give it a solid 8/10. 

Sable’s artwork is unique. It only uses the line art and a black border to distinguish objects from the background and other objects. This means that a village can be very pretty from far away but when you are exploring said city it could get very laggy because of each individual detail needing an outline. 

The Lore of Sable

Sable (the player character’s name) is on an adventure as a glider to find their purpose in life. As you explore the world of Sable and complete quests you will find badges. These badges need to be presented to the Mask Caster, in sets of 3, to get a mask of said badge type. The more masks, the more bragging rights you have over your friends. 

Finally, the gameplay loop. Although simple, it is ingenious. The gameplay loop consists of doing quests that make you explore more parts of the map and reward you with chumm eggs and badges.