Cover the Court: It’s More Than Just Basketball


Shea Anderson

On Friday, February 10th, Saint Joe boys basketball will be playing Marian for the annual Holy War at Marian High School. Each year, a large attendance from both schools come out to support their schools and stir up some healthy catholic school rivalry. 

This year, both schools are using this rivalry for the good of our communities. Students from each school will be asked to bring long sleeved shirts to support Proteus, a non-profit organization which helps provide nearby farmworkers with necessities such as clothes, shampoo, soap, and other such things. It is preferred that the shirts be light colored and in sizes L-XXXL.  

During halftime of the game, students will throw the shirts onto the court so that the court will hopefully be completely covered with these long sleeve shirts. Hence the name, “Cover the Court”.     

Instead of making it a competition like the Hunger Bowl that happens during the football season, both schools will be joining together as one to collect as many shirts as possible. Bringing unity and allowing the schools to come together as one instead of competing each other. 

Need more information about Proteus? Here is a link to their website!