“it’s hard to see color”, a review of the Jaron debut album.


A screenshot from the live visuals for the album.

“it’s hard to see color [When You’re So Impossibly Far Away]” is the debut album by upcoming artist Jaron. It was a completely unexpected project, only being fully announced one day prior to its official release (2/22/22).

This album is, in a word, different. The project leans toward a more synth-pop take on the cinematic music Jaron was once known for. To keep it brief, this album is very good. The main reason for its support is just how many of the songs are complete showstoppers (examples are “When Everything is Gray” and “1000 Miles”). Most of the album feels like its just theme song after theme song, making the whole experience unforgettable. The only song that may cause the listener to lose attention is “just out of reach”, as it is simply a short interlude between the songs before and after it.

Another positive for the project is just how much synergy each song has. A lot of songs use very similar melodies and lyrics in parts to truly make the album feel like a fully connected project. Personally, an album that feels like it connects together for a whole thematic project feels more complete. A fun little easter egg in the album is that each song, somewhere, has a firework sound effect layered in. This feels like Jaron’s idea of an audible signature. It is a very nice touch that truly makes each song feel personal and just a bit more detailed. It appears that really the only flaw is that some sounds can be a little harsh on a first listen. Jaron makes intense use of higher frequencies in songs like “Aether,” which, to a first-time listener, may be a major negative in terms of enjoyment.

To conclude, this album is different but it still shows what Jaron is capable of. It has its highs and lows, but the positives appear to strongly outweigh its flaws. I recommend this album if you want something completely new and out there. To give it a number rating, Jaron’s “it’s hard to see color” is worthy of an 8.9/10 — a very strong project that may drag on, but still an unforgettable listening experience.