Love is in the Air


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Vector illustration: Happy Valentine’s Day. Handwritten calligraphic lettering with red hearts.

Evan Wieneke

As much as this sounds basic and corny, a heartfelt love letter can go a long way, just make sure to not write your name on it so that it does not come back to haunt you. DO NOT go to the movie theater. The movie theater is a great option for a date, but for Valentines day, it might be the worst rizz location I have ever heard of. Valentine’s day is meant to be spent just with your loved one, not a bunch of screaming kids and mad adults on their phones.

Another good idea for Valentine’s day is to make dinner. This is a very risky thing to do because if the food is bad, you might never see this person again. If you have any experience cooking and you can make something decent, you will win the heart of your crush. Another good touch for dinner would be to light a candle or two and throw up some flowers in between you guys, and make sure you DO NOT sit next to them, but sit across. Stay classy and good luck Saint Joe.