Senior Spotlight – Kathleen Zmyslo

Kasem Minzey

A gifted senior, Kathleen Zmyslo specializes in ceramics taking her second year of the class with Mr. Kuharic. From the many different techniques she has learned in his class, one of Zmyslo’s favorite things about it is being able to express herself by making art pieces that she is inspired by.

Beyond high school, Zmyslo will be taking her talents to the University of Saint Francis; hoping to become a Hospice Nurse or an Oncology Nurse. On the side, she would love to take some minor art classes to allow her standards to grow in that department. Already planning for life after college, Zmyslo is hoping to start her own bakery business or use her skills to make art on the side.

“My favorite thing about ceramics is having the freedom to make anything, being able express myself in making things that I enjoy, being able to work with my hands, and of course being fortunate enough to have Ku as my teacher.” Without a doubt, Kathleen would recommend this class because of how free you are to be creative and express yourself. There are no restrictions in your art.

The thing that inspires Kathleen to make sculptures is nature; specifically flowers. “Ku is a great instructor and he lets you express yourself in any way that you want to. He has taught me a lot about art because he is a very talented artist and I also really enjoy the deep conversations that our class has.” This allowed Kathleen to continue her career in ceramics and take things to the next level.

If students are planning on taking art in the next couple years, Kathleen would recommend choosing it as one of your first and more important classes because it is hard to get into.