Artist Spotlight – shameless.

Artist Spotlight - shameless.

Shameless (formatted as shameless.) is the stage name of the incredible artist we’re covering this week. Shameless is known for his extremely lush soundscapes and heavy-hitting, yet still heartwarming songs. As of recently he has taken a more acoustic/rock style with his own music that has clearly been paying off.

The main selling point of shameless.’ music is how full it all feels. The listener is taken on a journey in each song. When asked about his process, he responded, “To be honest, it’s very difficult. I have at least 100 layers in some songs and even then they still end up sounding empty to me. Some songs will have like, 50 vocal layers and like 50 more ambient samples I’ve created.” Clearly, this artist has a serious dedication for his work. He is willing to spend as much time as he needs perfectly crafting each and every experience. This obviously leads to much slower releases than normal, but each one is a showstopper.

Take his latest work, ‘safe with me’ for example. This song is extremely personal and builds up to an incredible finale. His voice works extremely in his favor here, with so much layering of vocals and other sounds building up until the very end. Prior to his current era, shameless. was making very detailed and cinematic electronic and orchestral pieces, so he surely has experience in making something that leaves an impact.

Do not just take it from me, though. Below is a link to check out this artist for yourself. I promise you will not regret it!