On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Track Season!

Ava Rousseve, Reporter

Last Monday was the track team’s first official practice. Though many have been working hard through the off season, this was the first time all of the distance team, sprinters, and field events practiced together for the new season. The team’s main objective right now is to focus on the indoor season, starting with their first indoor meet on Saturday, March 4th. 

For senior, Tess Collins, running, and specifically track has been an important part of her high school career. She is excited to be a leader of the team this year and hopefully lead the team to some wins. She said, “We have a lot of new people who have joined for their first year. For a distance runner, it has been very encouraging to see so many freshmen and other new faces work hard over the winter. It shows promise for the new season.” 

There have been a good amount of new runners to join the team. Freshman, Izzy Frabutt is a current standout who has stayed determined, running through the snowy off-season. There are also a few seniors who have joined for the first time or have come back after trying other sports. 

The first week was an overall success for the team and indicates a good season coming up ahead. There were moments of fun, like a themed Valentines Day practice, and moments of hard work. The new team is already working well together as they get ready for their new season.