Do You Have Grit?


Ben Downey the head football coach and boy’s gym teacher has decided the Saint Joe community needs an award to recognize those who show grit through everything they do. With that in mind, he created The Grit Award.  So what is grit?

“The determination & courage to continue doing something despite obstacles & distractions.” is the definition Downey created. Grit can be shown through making it challenging practice, “breaking a leg” during your play performance or even simply having a good mindset for an upcoming test. The first one will be announced this Friday to a student and/or student-athlete who displays grit and deserves recognition.

SB Saint Joseph Head Coach Ben Downey at the 2022 Northern ...

The award winners are chosen by teachers, coaches, and administration. The winner is announced on the announcements and given a “griddy” (the physical award). Lastly, the winner will receive a free cookie at lunch.

When interviewed Downey stated, “I am excited about this award because grit can help individuals become their most confident, productive, & successful selves.”

The whole idea of creating this award is to reward students and student-athletes for displaying grit and to encourage others to do the same. With this being implemented each week, it should acknowledge more students who deserve attention for their grit mindset, or actions.