Say Cheese! Wiginton Will Snap It Up

Paige Harding

Murphy Wiginton, a current junior at Saint Joseph High School, has become the new source of everything to do with sports photos in our community. You can find him at any and all events for Saint Joe. His interest in photography started in eighth grade when he submitted a picture he took randomly and won an award for.

He snapped a few pictures freshman year but consistently started taking photos sophomore year after getting a new camera (the Nikon D500 with a Tamon 18-400 mm lens). From then on his passion continues to grow each day and is now in his fourth year  dedicated to the hobby. 

“I keep doing it because it is fun. People always love to see photos and videos of sports and it is also fun seeing a photo look pleasing to the eye, it is so satisfying to me.”

On top of taking sports photos, he has taken family pictures, event photos, and anything you can imagine upon request. He has also made hype videos and edits for brands, signing day posts, and other people’s Instagram.

Being a junior, he has not yet decided on a college yet but definitely plans on trying to major in sports media or business. Wiginton seeks a school with a strong athletic program to provide for excellent  internship opportunities in the field of photography. 

His favorite sport to capture is basketball with football not far behind. With basketball, Wiginton loves the ability to get closer shots and be more creative. The first major opportunity he was able to photograph was the Notre Dame/Georgia Tech football game. It was a very snowy day so that made for some top-notch shots. He also was able to photograph the IHSAA state football game last season at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

You can check out more of Murphy’s content at mjlmedia on Instagram and to see more!