Aurora Album Review

Photo courtesy of Pitchfork.


Ellie Curtis

Based off of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s best selling book, Daisy Jones and the Six was adapted into a limited series for Amazon Prime. On Friday March 3rd, the first three episodes of the series were released, and the next three followed less than a week later. Based in the 1960s and 1970s, Daisy Jones and the Six tells the story of an up and coming band who’s rise to fame is almost as great as its fall.

And because this story is about a band, why not produce some great music to go along with it?

Before the series release, two singles written by the made up band were released in advance of the series. The songs Regret Me and Look At Us Now (Honeycomb) were referred to as some of the best hits the band made in the book and series. And the actual songs live up to the expectations and description of the book.

Inspired by the music being created in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Aurora is an album with eleven different songs that reflect the sounds and styles popular in these eras. The album can be compared to other artists of the eras such as Fleetwood Mac and Queen that wrote albums from the heart and created some of the best selling music of all time.

Honestly, as someone who loved the book and what has come out with the series, I didn’t know what to expect when the album was released. But Sam Clafin and Riley Kenough’s voices complement each other so well, I fell in love with the album so easily. 

Two of my favorite songs on the album, The River and Let Me Down Easy, are both upbeat and catchy songs. They remind me of many of the songs off of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors

Honestly, for being a “made up” band, this has to be one of my favorite albums released this year. Since the release of its first singles, I’ve been listening to it nonstop. The music is so unlike anything released today that it’s interesting and exciting to see its popularity. Within a few days of the release of the album and series, it reached number one on the iTunes charts. 

The chart numbers reflect just how good this album is. So, if you’re looking for some new music, check out Aurora which is on most all streaming services.