Daisy Jones and the Six Show Proves the Book Isn’t Always Better


Ava Rousseve, Reporter

Throughout the month of March, Amazon Prime has been releasing episodes of the new show, Daisy Jones and the Six. The show is adapted from a book by Taylor Jenkins Reid which tells the story of a rock and roll band that falls apart just as quickly as it rises to worldwide fame. As a fan of the book, I watched the six released episodes to see how the show holds up to the book.

I am not one of those people who always insists “the book is always better than the movie.” On the contrary I think the visual and auditory elements an on screen adaption provides will often enhance the original story, and for Daisy Jones and the Six, a show or film seems almost necessary. The book is in a sense, a celebration of music. So the television show’s ability to immerse you in the music this band is making, truly gives you an experience the book could not give. 

Another huge draw of the book is the overall 70s aesthetic. As of late, the 70s have been a popular time period in pop culture because of its unique style filled with fun patterns and silhouettes. This makes costuming and hair a very important part of the show, which is yet another aspect of television that cannot be duplicated in books. 

So far, the show has been quite enjoyable and very well-done. I was nervous to see if it would hold up to the book, but the show has exceeded my expectations. The music and costumes add to the already thrilling story.