Senior Events

Senior Events

Mitchell Kazmierzak, Reporter

It is coming that time of year when Seniors will begin celebrating their last moments together. Most of the Senior events are planned for the end of the year but a few happen before the ending months. If you have a suggestion or idea that you would like to do as an entire class please let senior officers or moderators know. Mr. Mendoza & Mrs. Strabavy want seniors to make their last few months as memorable as possible.

Senior Officers to Contact :

Braedon Troy- President

Evan Wieneke – Vice President

Lauren Borger- Secretary

Moderators to Contact:

Mr. Mendoza

Mrs. Strabavy

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, April 28th: Junior/ Senior Prom
    • Time: 8pm – 11pm
    • Location: Palais Royale
    • Theme: Promtastic
  • Sunday, April 30th: Senior Dinner
    • Time: Not Released
    • Location: Not Released
  • Throughout May: Senior Caps and Gowns
  • Sunday, May 21st: Academic Awards Assembly
    • Time: 3pm Starting Time
    • Location: Alumni Gyminaism
  • Thursday, May 18th: Senior Mass & Breakfast
    • Time: Not Released
    • Location: Saint Joseph High School
  • Monday, May 22nd: Pancake Breakfast (Seniors’ Last Day)
    • Time: Not Released
    • Location: Saint Joseph High School
  • Tuesday, May 23 – Thursday, May 25 (Senior Finals)
    • Time: Not Released
    • Location: Not Released
  • Thursday, June 1st: Baccalaureate Mass
    • Time: 7pm Starting Time
    • Location: Pius X Catholic Church
  • Sunday, June 4th: Graduation Ceremony
    • Time: 2pm Starting Time
    • Location: Joyce Center Notre Dame

Senior year is the most memorable part of high school, and the goal is to make the most out of every situation because you will never get this time ever again.