How Do I Choose Between Two Colleges?

How Do I Choose Between Two Colleges?

Taryn Turchi, Staff Writer

As the school year starts to end, more and more seniors have begun making their college commitments. However, some of us are having a harder time choosing than others. Many schools can offer very similar opportunities, which can make it hard to pick a school and feel confident in your choice. Here are some helpful tips that may help make the choice a little easier. 

If possible, you should take a tour of each campus you’re considering. Looking at a school’s website is very different than immersing yourself in its atmosphere. While you’re there, you can interact with current students and faculty, try local food, or take a walk to enjoy the scenery. 

Financial opportunity is a huge factor in many students’ college decisions. Even if you don’t love the Midwest, it might be worth it to stick around for four more years. In-state tuition is significantly cheaper, and traveling home for holidays will become easy. Scholarships can make a great dent in your tuition bill. However, many scholarships do not apply for more than a year, so it is important to take that into account. 

Finally, compare and contrast the opportunities that either college would give you within your major. Does one have a significantly higher nationally-ranked program? Does another offer summer or study-abroad internships? This comes down to what you think will suit your lifestyle best. For example, if you love traveling, research what study-abroad opportunities you can get by joining clubs or internships within the college that you find most interesting. 

College decisions may be stressful, but you got this, seniors!