Movie Review: Creed III

Movie Review: Creed III

Kasem Minzey

The Rocky and Creed series is arguably one of the best American cinema film series in all of history, changing the citizens views and opinions about movies. The Creed movies first took off in 2015 when the first movie of the series was made. It continues the relationship and importance from the Rocky movies made in 1976 which sustained until 2006. This first movie took a spin in American film in a way that impacted film until recent time. The story begins with an underdog story, which has become a staple in American cinema ever since. Rocky’s struggle to overcome obstacles and achieve his dreams resonated with audiences across the country, and the film’s message of perseverance and determination has continued to inspire generations of viewers.

Creed III is an upcoming American sports drama film directed by Michael B. Jordan, who also stars in the film as Adonis Creed. It is the third installment in the Creed film series and a spin-off of the Rocky film series. These series focuses on boxing and the drama, commitment, and courage it takes to be the best in every sport. Creed III released March 3, 2023 and, in my opinion, it lived up to the hype.

With the pressure and importance of this movie and the series, Michael B. Jordan did not disappoint making possibly one of the better movies in the series. Building off the ending of Creed II, Adonis starts off as a retired boxer, becoming one of the best to ever put on the gloves. His life is going great, living his dream, doing what he loves, with a great, loving family, but that soon all comes to a hold when he past comes back to haunt him. One of his childhood best friends, Dame Anderson, is free from jail after 20 years which causes problems in Creed’s personal life. Dame explains that he was supposed to be the best boxer, not Creed and that Adonis is living his dream as the heavyweight champion. Adonis feels guilty and helps Dame attempt to live his lifelong dream. After all of Creed’s help, Anderson becomes too powerful and calls him out in a fight for the heavyweight champion title. Even since Creed was retired, he felt like this was the only way to stop Dame.

I would highly recommend this movie even if you do not like these type of movies. Since it is a series, you will need to watch the other movies for some background knowledge, but it is also easy to know what is going on without watching the other movies.