Senior Spotlight: Luci Flanagan


Miriam Rios, Reporter

Luci Flanagan is the definition of multi-talented, as she excels in many different areas. 

The first of these areas is academics, as Luci currently takes (and has taken) many honors and AP classes throughout her high school career. She is also a member of National Honors Society. 

Also in affiliation with Saint Joe, Luci has been an assistant athletic trainer since her freshman year and has helped out with a number of different sports but she and the other trainers mostly helped out the football team at their games. 

On another hand, Luci also has quite the talent for the arts, and not just one but two very differing arts. The first is the performing arts, and she has participated in six productions here at Saint Joe. She was also a part of United Youth Theatre (UYT) in South Bend for several years. The other art form that Luci has excelled in was visual arts, in which she won a Scholastic Gold Key this year for her ceramic piece titled: “Life-Saving Treatment”. 

Finally, another extraordinary ambition of hers was participation in an internship for the Harper Cancer Research Institute over the summer at the University of Notre Dame. Most recently, she was recognized for her work with a first-place ribbon in the senior division at the Regional Science Fair! In addition to that, Luci also received the Senior Division Advancement in Technology award, as well as being chosen to advance to the State Science and Engineering Fair in Indianapolis. Her project is titled: “The Effects of APC Loss on Response to Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer Cells”. 

In terms of future plans, Luci is not committed to a university yet, but her plans most likely include medical schools. Overall, Luci is an extraordinarily talented person, and has accomplished a great deal!