March Madness Upsets

2023’s March Madness tournament has already had its fair share of upsets. Upsets in March Madness are nothing new. Every year, there is at least one upset in the tournament. However, this year has had more upsets than what is normally seen, and it is worth it to go over them.

The first upset in this year’s March Madness was Virginia’s loss to Furman. The four seed’s loss to the underdog thirteen seed was notable not only because it was an upset, but also because of how it happened. Virginia was up by two with mere seconds left on the clock when the ball was chucked up into the air by Virginia, caught by Furman, and a three-pointer was converted at the buzzer, leaving Furman with the one point win. The game was talked about by many, expected to be the biggest upset of the tournament. However, one greater would be seen the next day.

The greatest upset of the March Madness tournament is without a doubt Purdue’s loss to Farleigh Dickinson (FDU). The game was the second time in NCAA history that a first seed lost to a sixteenth seed. Purdue was highly favored, as the team was lead by 7’4″ Zach Edey led the team to a 29-6 regular season record. Although Purdue was not the team with the greatest odds of winning it all, the team still greatly underdelivered from what was expected of them.

The final upset of 2023’s March Madness from the first two rounds was Kansas’s loss to Arkansas. The first seeded reigning champion fell to the eighth seed by a single point. This loss was not expected, as it seemed that the former champions were ready to fight for another title.