Top Spring Break Spots in 2023


For some students spring break is the perfect break before finals, the end of the school year, and for some, graduation. For spots to be popular for students they have to have some fun towards them. Some things top spots consist of are affordable prices, accessible, and popular throughout the teenage groups.

The most popular spot among the groups is Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is filled with white sand beaches and countless amounts of all inclusive resorts. Coming with the all inclusive resorts are countless drinks and meals to enjoy throughout your vacation. Cancun is one of the most affordable vacation spots in the western hemisphere which is perfect for the targeted audience. There are countless amounts of tourist attractions to do. In Cancun there are many opportunities to go jet-skiing, parasailing, and explore Cancun.

The second most popular among the spring break destinations is Miami Beach, Florida. There’s miles of nice warm beaches and white sand. When you are not enjoying the beaches, there are many more opportunities to explore Miami. Some would chose to go to the restaurants or if your lucky there’s a Miami Beach Pride and Ultra Music Festival. Both festivals are held around March or April. You can also explore the Everglade national park about 40 miles west of Miami.
One of the final top spring break destination spots is Jamaica. In Jamaica there’s countless amounts of all inclusive resorts and white sandy beaches.  Jamaica is also the birthplace of reggae music. Jamaica is also known for their blue rugged mountains and anchored in foamy waterfalls. Most that come here do not leave their resorts because it could be dangerous for tourists. You can golf in Montego-Bay and in Ocho Rios is more appealing for people who are more adventurous and like to hike and explore. Jamaica is the third largest island in the caribbean and hard to cover in one vacation.
Be smart and safe when you travel and most important have fun!