March Community Award Winners


Kasem Minzey

We ended off the month of March with our community awards at Mass. Mr. Kennedy recognized Megan Nyikos, Brian Gring, and Mr. A.J. Reynolds.

Megan Nyikos is described as a quiet leader who is attentive to others and kind to all those around her. From her time at Saint Joseph High School, Nyikos has helped serve St. Joe by contributing in small ways that often go unnoticed but help make for a positive experience for those around her. Nyikos is a positive person and is always looking for challenges that push her beyond her limits. Nyikos has a loving family – including a sister who is currently deployed overseas. She spends time cooking, baking, and horseback riding outside of school.  Our Female Community Award winner for March is Megan Nyikos.

Brain Gring is known as friendly, humble, kind, and supportive of his classmates. Gring has helped serve by participating in the internship with Redeemer Radio for two years, in German Club, and in the fall play and spring musical all four years at Saint Joe. Gring takes his positive mindset outside of school by working at Martin’s, singing in the choir at Little Flower Church, became an Eagle Scout in 2021 and is now in the Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow. Our male Community Award winner for March is Brian Gring.

Mr. Reynolds is knowingly described as kind, caring, enthusiastic, passionate, and fun. He is always welcoming to the students and makes them feel comfortable while in his classroom. Outside of the classroom, he participates as a scorekeeper for quiz Bowl, helps with Econ Challenge, is the moderator for Best Buddies, the moderator for student government, and the very dedicated director of our wonderful theater program. Mr. Reynolds holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Bethel University and is in his 7th year at Saint Joe as a member of the social studies department. Our Faculty & Staff Community Award winner for February is Mr. A.J. Reynolds.

Congratulations to Megan, Brian, and Mr. Reynolds for their accomplishments.