Book Recommendations for April

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Ellie Curtis

Hey Saint Joe! Are you looking for something new to read? A new standalone or series to pick up? Worry no more, here are just a few books I have read this year and would recommend to you: Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson, House of Gucci by Sara Gay Forden, and The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston.

Dance of Thieves is the first book in a fantasy duology where the world is controlled by many well respected kingdoms. The son of one of the most respected (though outlawed) kingdoms of the world, Jase, has taken over for his father after he passed. However the Ballengers are the target of a new young queen, who sends ex-street thief, Kazi, to investigate the new king. Though she was sent to manipulate Jase for the young queen, Kazi learns that the rumors and stereotypes about Jase are not all true. This fantasy duology is fast paced, and with two very witty and fantastically written character, it is a good series to pick up if you like stories set in a fantasy world.

House of Gucci, tells the story of the 1995 murder of Maurizio Gucci, and the speculation around his death in regards to his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani Martinelli. In this book, the author tries to present a case that could answer the question if Patrizia was behind her ex-husband’s death. In this story about the Gucci dynasty, the history of the family and luxury brand, and about the murder in 1995, this is a very interesting, and dense read for those who like a good mystery. 

The Dead Romantics follows the story of Florence Day, a well esteemed ghostwriter. However, Florence finds herself in doubts of love after a rough breakup. The passing of her father doesn’t help her case either, as she works to beat the deadline for her next book. But Florence’s life is changed when at the funeral, she meets a very intriguing and handsome ghost. If you like a good romance novel, this story will definitely be one to read; especially if you want to see that romance is in fact not dead.