Senior Sentiments: Part 1


Maeve Green, Staff Reporter

As I look back on my high school experience, the difference between who I was my freshman year and who I am now is considerable. It may be obvious to everyone I have grown up around over these last four years, but the depth of my development in high school is the most evident to me. I may look different, but I have changed in so many more ways on the inside– how I view the world, how I view myself, and how I approach challenges.

The lessons I have learned are countless, but I have boiled them down to three general ones that I believe are worthy of sharing, and may even be helpful to another freshman who, like me, thinks they have it all figured out at 14.

1) Don’t forget to apply yourself

The worst thing that you can feel at the end of high school is a sense of regret for not having pushed yourself harder. For me, I didn’t really learn this until my second semester junior year, when I unfortunately had already closed some doors for myself because I didn’t really understand the importance of truly applying myself in my classes and extracurriculars. It will make you so much more proud to know that you gave your academics your best effort, and that all of your achievements are because of your own hard work. It can be easy to get caught up in other aspects of high school, which should not be abandoned, but truly trying at your schooling is one of the most important things for you to do in high school to set yourself up for whatever success you want after graduation.

To be satisfied with yourself and your work, I have found that my proudest moments come from when I know I have put the appropriate effort into my schooling, and it has paid off.