Euro Challenge


Miriam Rios, Reporter

The Euro Challenge Team is currently away on a trip to New York to compete in the semi-finals for Nationals! 

You might be thinking: what is Euro Challenge? One of the most successful and engaging clubs at Saint Joe, Euro Challenge is a club in which a team selects a country and maps out ways that they can solve economic problems for that specific country. This challenge allows the students who participate the opportunity to learn more about the euro currency and more concepts concerning the economy of the European Union. This club is led by moderators Mr. DePauw and Mrs. Chismar. 

The usual competition consists of two different 15-minute timed parts. The first is a presentation of the team’s suggestions and solutions that they have devised. The second involves the judges asking the team a series of questions for them to answer.

The history of Euro Challenge is quite successful here at Saint Joe. Teams in the past have qualified for Nationals on 8 separate occasions and there have been 5 times in which teams have made it into the Top 5 in the country! The highest-ranking team achieved 2nd place in the National competition. 

This year’s team consists of five students, who are pictured above. Their country of focus is the nation of Latvia. They have attended a number of important events and competitions this year, which included the Regional competition in Chicago. As mentioned above, they are on their way to the semi-finals of the National competition in New York.