How to Get Ready For College


Ava Rousseve, Reporter

You’ve made your college decision, put down a deposit, and are all ready to start next fall. But wait! There are still a few things you need to take care of before starting at your new school.

1.) Make sure you have filled out the housing application. For most schools this can be done through the student account you are emailed by the school. It usually only takes are 10-15 minutes, so just sit down and get it done!

2.) Sign up for freshmen orientation as soon as possible so you can get priority on choosing classes. It is first come first serve, so the sooner you sign up, the more you can choose which date you go.

3.) Most schools require incoming students to take a placement exam for Math, Language, and possibly other classes. They are usually online and can be found on your school’s website. IU, for example, has a list of all things you need to complete before freshmen year starts. It is called the FYE Checklist.

4.) Before moving, make sure to get some dorm essentials. There are a lot of great lists online that give recommendations of things you will need for your first year. BigFuture on college board has a great list that divides the items in to different categories. Amazon basics, Thrift stores, and Target are places you can find cheap and cute housing items.

Good luck next year St. Joe graduates. There’s only one more month until graduation. You got this!