How to have Promtastic Night!!

How to have Promtastic Night!!

Jade Safeukui Noubissi, Staff writer

Hey Saint Joe! Prom is coming up in two days!! Here’s a couple reminders of what needs to happen to make that day go as smoothly as possible for you. 

First, The class schedule for that school day has been switched around to 2-6-4-flex. Do NOT go to flex when you’re supposed to go to your sixth period class, You don’t want to be that kid. Friday will also be dress down day, so make sure to get your DDD money if you want to dress down. PLTW Biomedical students, if you have turned in the permission slip for the Health Career Exploration Fair at Ivy Tech. The trip is from 9-11pm. You will leave your 2nd period 30 minutes in and be back for 30 mins of your sixth period class. If you do this trip, you’ll fit all your prom expectations.

Second, the expectation for this day is that you attend at least two class periods before you leave early. Most people tend to leave early and because of this make sure to let the office know ahead of time you will be leaving. Preferably, have a parent call in the office and you will receive an early dismissal pass given to you during the first two periods. Sadly, If your parents do not contact the office and you don’t receive a pass, you can not leave early.

Lastly, Let’s make smart decisions after prom. Like the SADD club has been saying, let’s be safe. If you have walked past the junior lot, there is a car that’s been totaled and stands there to show what could happen when you drink and drive. I know Prom night is supposed to be lots of fun but let’s remember to not drink and drive for your own safety and the others you’re responsible for. Make sure to not bring any liquids that aren’t water, vapes, etc.  You know what the right choice is, so make it!