Senior Dinner Recap


Are you a senior? If so, I sure hope you were at the senior dinner. If not, here’s a recap of what happened. It was this past Sunday at Juday Creek Golf Course. Thirteen teachers and a majority of the senior class all gathered together to eat dinner, share superlatives, and enjoy each other’s company.

The night started out with everyone finding their seats and our wonderful hosts Axel Barrera and Evan Wieneke welcomed those who came. Next on the agenda was a baby picture slideshow submitted by all of the seniors.

On the menu was a garden salad to tide you over until the main meal, Chicken Picatta with potatoes and green beans was served. It was then followed by vanilla ice cream and several different types of cake.

Now was the part everyone was waiting for, The Superlatives!

  • Most likely to Fall Asleep in Class – Mylia Vigue, Antonio Ahuatl

  • Biggest Glow Up – Gracie Velasco, Evan Wieneke

  • Best Smile – Maritsa Lopez, Stephen Eckrich

  • Class Mom and Dad – Lexi Juday, Liam Lamont

  • Worst Driver – Maggie Nguyen, Liam Mayfield

  • Class Clown  – Peyton Hull, Cedric Suggs

  • Most Accident Prone- Ella Frick, Jake Gaul

  • Most Likely to be President – Anna Maffatone, Braedon Troy

  • Most Likely to be an Olympian – Tess Collins, Jack Aranowski

  • Worst Case of Senioritis – Maeve Green, Kyle Fortner

  • Coolest Car – Lily Mayfield, Scott Newport

  • Most Likely to Teach at Saint Joe – Sydney Taylor, Elijah Diller

  • Best Hair – Emma Balint, Seth Badics

  • Most School Spirit – Ella Lindzy, Axel Barrara

  • A Couple That Should Have Been – Maya Newton, Marvin Lopez

  • Most Likely to Miss Graduation to go to the Taylor Swift concert – Elsa Lund, Mitchell Kazmierzak

  • Most Likely to Cure a Disease – Luci Flannagan, Emmanuel Thomas

  • Most Artistic, Mary Kate Kocovski, Austin Gerencher

  • Most Meme Worthy – Kaitlyn Klopenstine, Cuitlo Baez

  • Most Likely to be on Broadway – Eggleston, Colin Macdonell

  • Most Likely to be Late to School – Arianna Young, David Bandara

  • Most Likely to Fix the SJHS Wifi – Carly Schmid, Jacob Dimino

  • Best Bromance/Best Gal Pals- Axel Barrera/Evan Wieneke, Sam Suth/Elly Kurowski

To end the night, Mrs. Strabavy, Evan, and Axel gave a thank-you speech