A Proper Way To Remix Music – Spotlight on dobi

A Proper Way To Remix Music - Spotlight on dobi

seth badics, music fan

Making an edit of an already existing song can become very difficult to do right. Some artists often excel at this, putting their own style into a song to turn it into a completely new masterpiece.

This week we are discussing one such artist, dobi (formatted all lowercase). Dobi’s style is magical, in a word. It uses very real orchestral sounds and blends them with super bouncy, swing-influenced rhythms and vocals, and all in all it all comes together surprisingly well. Dobi is known for super detailed remixes of songs, and usually he ends up carrying every remix album he appears on.

Some examples include his remix of “Hibiscus” by Ryan Leahan (discussed in my article about “spark”), and very recently, his stunning remix of “Don’t Look Down” by San Holo, the artist who made every 2015 gaming YouTuber’s intro song.

Hibiscus is originally a simple folk love song that dobi turns into a triumphant inspirational piece, using lots of swelling strings and cinematic moments so that the song sounds straight out of a movie. As always, my descriptions almost never do it justice, so check this one out for sure.

Don’t Look Down is a nice song on its own but again it becomes magic with dobi’s influence. This remix is on the shorter side, only 2:14 in length, but not a second feels wasted. The song takes a more melancholy tone but grows more and more hopeful, building up to a very groovy section to throwback to dobi’s older style of music. At the time of writing this, this song has only been out for 5 days, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Additionally, dobi’s original work is wonderful too. He became extremely known for his songs ‘peace treaty’ and ‘as we hang up a picture.’

A link to dobi’s work can be found below. See you in the next review!