Jedi Survivor

‘The Worst PC Port Launch of 2023’

Jedi Survivor

Brian Gring, Staff Writer

The Sequel to 2019’s Jedi Fallen Order released on April 28, in what is being hailed as the worst PC port launch of 2023. 

Jedi Survivor continues the story of Cal Kestis, a rebellious Jedi trying to fight the Empire in the years after Order 66 and the Jedi Purge. 

Fallen Order followed Kestis in the early days of the empire as he fought to rebuild the Jedi Order and reconnect with the force following the Purge. Survivor takes place 5 years later, As Cal tries to hurt the growing Empire in every way he can. From a console perspective, the game is near perfect. The graphics are stunning and the game runs smoothly for the most part. New customization options for Cal, BD-1 and lightsabers allow for a more personalized experience, and the revised combat system is amazing. New lightsaber stances and combat options are a great improvement from the previous game. Dual lightsabers, cross-guards, and even blaster options have given a wide variety to the game.

All of this is fine for console players, but on PC it isn’t the same story. Frame rates are struggling, graphics have to be turned down significantly to make it playable and even high end PC processors are struggling with Survivor. The lucky PC players are able to struggle through the game with low graphics and dropped frames. The unlucky players are unable to get past the loading screen, and if they are, frequent crashing during cutscenes makes the game unplayable. EA commented on the concerns and released a patch for PC on May 1 and for consoles on May 2, but this only solves one of many issues for PC players.

If playing on console, Jedi Survivor is absolutely worth paying the $70. If playing on PC, don’t spend a dime until the game is fully fixed.