Save Portage Manor

The homes and well being of dependent citizens in South Bend are at stake.


Eppie Costello, Staff Writer

Portage Manor was built in 1906, and is a residential care facility with 144 beds serving as the home to the needy in South Bend, Indiana. That includes the elderly, blind, poor, homeless, and mentally/chronically ill in need of care. However, it is important to know it is not a nursing home, assisted living facility, half-way house, insane asylum, or a rehabilitation facility. It is “part assisted living and part health center.” Not only is this facility historic to South Bend, it takes care of the otherwise neglected and overlooked people of the city. Recently, the commission president of Portage Manor announced that “There is no good financial opportunity to continue Portage Manor,” and that it should be closed. County attorney Mike Misch also sees that the closing is very likely to happen. At the time of the announcement, Portage Manor homed 105 residents, all becoming aware of their safe haven’s fate. 

The only hope Portage has of staying open is if an “interested party comes forward with a viable plan” (South Bend Tribune). That interested party is the Logan Center of South Bend, Indiana. Logan is similar to Portage, a non-for-profit organization that aids in taking care of children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities of all kinds. The Logan team has sent out emails, attended events, and have signed petitions to save the manor and the people living there who do not have a guaranteed next home. No matter politics, age, ideologies, or understanding of these matters, you have a chance to save people in your community that cannot save themselves.