Freebies for High School and College Students

Photo courtesy of GFI TechTalk.


Ellie Curtis

Did you know that if you’re a high school or college student, you may be eligible for lots of free or reduced price things? Honestly, who doesn’t love free things that are also beneficial to your learning or daily lives. Here’s five brands that offer free or reduced prices to high school or college students.

  1. Amazon Student offers students a free six month trial of the same benefits Amazon Prime provides, such as free Amazon Video and Amazon Music, and free rapid shipping. When the trial ends, the price is only 50% of the regular cost!
  2. Looking to invest in a new computer or tablet for college? Apple has a student discount that helps students save money when making Apple purchases. Trading in old Apple products may also help lower the cost of buying a new product. The discount also provides students with a 48 month free trial of Apple Music.
  3. For students living in an area with access to museums, sports stadiums, and lot’s of other entertainment options, always ask for free or reduced price tickets! Many schools help provide their students with free admission tickets to museums, concerts,and shows. And if it isn’t free, it’s at a great reduced price that students can afford. 
  4. For those shopping for some new clothes, try to investigate if your favorite store offers discounts for students. On certain days, stores may offer students discounts on their purchases. Nike offers up to 20% on most purchases, and PacSun offers discounts up to 10%. And always remember to bring your student ID!
  5. Many academic websites will offer free or discounted subscriptions for students. Sources like Quizlet, Brainly, or Grammarly want to support students and are great resources for those working on essays or troubling homeworks.


So if you’re going to college next year, or are still in high school, look into what kind of discounted or free things you can get. It might just help you pass that one hard class or give you the opportunity to do something fun amidst school work.