Saint Joe Square has reached it’s 1000th article milestone.


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Dominic Cremers

The Saint Joe Square has reached 1,000 articles!

In its third year as a media outlet for Saint Joseph High School, Saint Joe Square has officially reached the 1,000-article milestone. The site has served as a hub of information for Saint Joe students, offering students a chance to see other students’ perspectives and opinions and providing valuable news. Visiting the Square you can find articles on all kinds of different topics, ranging from album reviews to political commentaries; from the first article– “Game-changing advancements in the digital classroom”– to the 1,000th article “Discover…Discover Saint Joe Day”, the Saint Joe Square has been a valuable resource for SJHS students.

Members of the Student Media class post articles to the Square as part of their class responsibilities; [I am currently sitting in Mr. DePauw’s class right now]. 

Mr. DePauw shared his thoughts on the Square:

“We launched the Square to supplement the morning news show, especially after Covid, it was a helpful resource to connect with the community even when we were not together in person.”

“I’ve been very pleased with how the news class and the news website have evolved. We have had articles featured in Focus as well as having students continue to pursue journalism after leaving Saint Joe.”

Make sure to check out other articles on The Square, the prime center for Saint Joe news, and other relevant information for Saint Joe students. The articles are written by Saint Joe students to be read by Saint Joe students.