End of Quarter Coming Up: Final Stretch!

End of Quarter Coming Up: Final Stretch!

Jade Safeukui Noubissi, Writer

Hey Saint Joe, we’re at the final stretch of school. Semester two is almost over and finals week is right around the corner. Here’s the schedule for the upcoming weeks and tips.

This pertains to SENIORS. Next week will be your last full week of school. Make sure to communicate with teachers about your grades and keep up with all your remaining assignments. You don’t want to let your grades drop now and fail a class. Do everything in your power to pass your classes because they are a graduation requirement. Caps and Gowns will be distributed next Tuesday May, 16th during lunch. The Counselors will hold your Caps and Gowns if the student is close to failing a class. They will run a grade report on Monday and use your semester 2 grade averages in order to see which students will get their items. Seniors, by now, you should have received a form from Mr. Mendoza during lunch on Wednesday. The form will need to be filled out and handed in in order to receive your gown. Again, because we are so close to the end, Seniors, make sure to get everything turned in and sorted out with your teachers. Also, make sure to figure out if  you’re taking any finals. Finals week for seniors is Tuesday, May 23rd- Thursday, May 25th. We’re almost there! Just one week left to Go!

UNDERCLASSMEN, your schedules are slightly different. Finals week for you are Tuesday, May 30th- Wednesday, May 31st. You have two weeks to get it together and make sure your grades are good. Here are tips to end off the school year with a strong note. Do not procrastinate. You’re at the final stretch, there’s no reason to start getting behind on work this close to the end. Be organized and keep up with your assignments. Write in your agenda, calendar or any organization tool that you use to keep track of your assignments. Take advantage of flex. Use the remaining flex classes to catch up on work and really take advantage of the one hour and thirty minutes. Communicate with your teachers. Tell them if you’re struggling and get the necessary resources you need to pass your classes. Lastly, Relax and Power through. Make the last weeks of school as stress free and enjoyable as possible. 

Remember Saint Joe, we’re almost there! Let’s end this year on a strong note!