Gifts for Mother’s Day


Ava Rousseve, Reporter

This Sunday, the 14th is Mother’s Day. Combine these cute gift ideas with a hug for your mom and you are sure to be the favorite child this year.

1.) Plants are always a great option for mothers. You can get a cute house plant from Target and spice it up with a fun pot.

2.) Are you a good baker? The Pioneer Woman has recipes for various mother’s day cookies including heart shaped chocolate chips and lemon bars. See this article for more

3.) The 3 generations necklace on Amazon is a great way to get grandma involved as well! The $20 necklace has three pearls each a different color to represent the three generation of women in the family.

4.) If you have little siblings, you can get them involved by painting their hands and placing their handprints on pretty much anything. This works best on flower pots, serving plates, or just on a canvas. Include their name and year under each handprint!

5.) Candles are always a must have for moms. Uncommon good has unique $5 candles with a cute wax flower in the middle. See this article for more

6.) If you are running short on time, go to your closest Target and make a self-care gift basket. You can include nice smelling lotions, face masks, some bath salts, and anything else you can find. Put all of the items in a cute basket, write a card and voila! You’re all set.