How to Flourish During Remote Learning

Gabriel Dawson

Dress Well, Even If Not Attending in Person Classes 

It is proven that students who take the time to dress better perform better in class. In other words, students who look good tend to play the part. So take your attire seriously, even if there is no dress code being enforced. Wake up a good while before your first class and take the time to get ready like you would for a normal school day. The change in your motivation and attitude towards the day may just surprise you. Looking good goes beyond just what you wear. Take the time to brush your teeth, and do your hair too. Finally, get yourself out of bed and sit down at a table or a desk to do your classes. You will present yourself better to your teachers and peers, and sitting down helps bring more oxygen to your brain than lying down, improving performance.

Keep up on Work

This should go without saying but in order to be successful in online learning, you have to keep up on those assignments, no matter how torturous they may seem. All of those assignments that may just be worth a few points do add up. So if you get behind on them, your grades will quickly reflect that. Fortunately, this also means that if you are diligent and keep up with your work, these assignments can add up in a positive way as well to help your grade. A good way to keep track of these assignments is by creating a planner for yourself so that you know what exactly needs to be done and when. This works a lot better than just trying to remember assignments and risking forgetting about them completely. Check your modules often; this is where you will find all of your assignments in every class in case you need a reminder or to reference exactly what work needs to be done and how.

Use Your Flex Days

As nice as it would be to treat flex days as a day off, relax, and catch up on some lost sleep, there are better ways to spend this time that will actually be way more helpful to you. If you find yourself falling behind at all, check PowerSchool to see exactly what assignments you may be missing. Those empty days are a great time to go back and get these old assignments done. Future you will be very thankful that you did this when the quarter begins to be wrapping up, and you no longer have to worry about it then. Let’s say you have kept on on your work though, and are not missing any assignments. Great! Keep up the good work. You can still, however, use these days to study topics from your classes that you may not understand fully. This time could also be used to prepare for exams, talk to your counselor about future plans, or ask teachers for letters of recommendation.

Support One Another

At Saint Joseph High School, we are called to build family. So, let’s put that into action! Support your friends and fellow students. Things are ever changing, and it can be hard to keep up with what is going on. As long as there is no cheating being done, it is always great to help your friends and answer any questions that they may have. Some people might just need a little extra help in understanding some topics being talked about, and hearing things explained in a different way by a friend as opposed to a teacher, might just be more beneficial than you think.