Hockey’s Grueling Weekend


“Bappo”, Hayden Hebard steps up for Indians Hockey defense.

Kalvin Kerwin, Staff Writer

The Indians had their first 3 game weekend of the season this past weekend. Playing Riley at 8:45 pm on Friday, LSJ at 5 pm on Saturday, and Bloomington at 11:30 am on Sunday, all were hosted at the Ice Box. This was a tough weekend for the Indians, only coming out with a single win. On Friday the Riley Wild Cats team took the squad by surprise, with their new head coach and ex JV Saint Joe Hockey coach JP. The Game went into over time with the only goal on the Indians coming from Sneaky Pete (Peter Stockrahm). After skating  three on three in the 5 minute overtime, the game went into a shootout where it was ended by the Wild Cats getting one through Yergler.

On Saturday the Indians faced off against LSJ. The hockey team pulled out a 5-3 win with goals coming from Jack Ploman, Charlie Eckrick, Stephen Eckrich, and Hayden Hebard with 2. On Sunday the Indians played a very fast Bloomington Team. Bloomington started out the night fast with 2 quick goals getting pasted Yergler. Senior Kyle Tupper was put in after the first period. The two teams from there went back and forth, answering each others goals until the end of the 2nd period. Kalvin Kerwin and Hayden Hebard both ended the night with 2 goals each. Going into the third period 5 to 4 the fast skating of Bloomington’s forwards snuck past the Indians defense and put 3 more goals up in the third. The game ended 8-4. The Indians need a good week of practice this week to get back on their feet and get their heads up.

The Saint Joseph Hockey Team was down a few key players this weekend – including Misui Jaskiewicz, Sean Kiley with wrist problems from blocked shot late in the Riley Game, and Karsen Meiszberg who didn’t play against Bloomington from a continuing problem in his leg from last weekend. Finally, Teddy Hosinski didn’t play in the third period on Sunday due to a bad collision and a headache.

The hockey team plays Valpo on Friday at 7, and the Southwest Blades on Saturday at 4:30 both at the Ice Box.

Wish the Hockey Team good luck and safe returns to the sidelined players.