St Joe Football: Sectionals

As the Saint Joe Indians begin to mentally prepare for the sectional games, the team must first put aside any thoughts about sectionals and focus on their last regular season game against the Marian Knights. This highly anticipated spectacular, widely known as the Holy War, will prove to be another tough and hard fighting game. The Saint Joe Indians coming into the game with a 2-6 record, and the Marian Knights with an undefeated 6-0 record, must be prepared to execute quickly and perfectly. Although the record does not reflect it, the Saint Joe Indians are prepared to face off against any and every opponent that steps in their path.

Looking at a preview of the Sectional matchups, the Indians find themselves in the sectional consisting of South Bend Clay, South Bend Riley, Logansport, New Prairie, Plymouth, Kankakee Valley, and Culver Academies. The Indians will face off against the Clay Colonials(1-7) away on October 23, next Friday. This matchup should prove to be a reasonable challenge, but not an impossible one, if the Saint Joe Indians are able to execute properly. Like everyone should be aware of, the record should not be the deciding factor of an opponent’s chances at winning. The Indians will be prepared for the matchup, never underestimating their opponent. 

If the Indian’s push through the Clay vs Saint Joe matchup, the Indians will find themselves facing off against the victor of the Logansport(2-6) vs Riley(3-5) game. Two teams that have proven to be worthy adversaries, as well as hard fighting teams. The Saint Joe Indians, not unfamiliar with Logansport, hope to capitalize on last year’s first round sectional win over the Berries. Unfamiliar with Riley, but having faced similar opponents, the Indians will mentally prepare themselves for this matchup which should prove to lead to a tough fought battle. Understanding that although the records and similar opponent matchups should boost the Saint Joe Indians to the Sectional Championship, they understand that they should never underestimate the other opponents. The Indians, hungry for a sectional title, will make sure that their effort and execution help propel them to a sectional matchup against New Prairie, Plymouth, Kankakee Valley, or  Culver Academies. 

When the Saint Joe Indians manage to fight their way to the Sectional game, they will find themselves facing off against a tough opponent. The winner of the New Prairie(5-3) and Plymouth(1-5) game will face off against the winner of the Kankakee Valley(6-2) vs Culver Academies(3-4). This winner matchup, should prove to be an exciting and unpredictable game, with the winner of this game going on to face off against the Sectional Semifinal victor. 

Knowing very well that all these teams should expect the unexpected, the Saint Joe Indians will prepare as much as possible, both physically and mentally for any obstacle and team that tries to stand in their way. For now, as mentioned before, their focus is locked in on their Holy War matchup.