Scholastic Art and Writing Competition

Lauren Holloman, staff writer

Every year Scholastic has an Art and Writing competition. People can either enter a piece of art work or something that they have written. These can include paintings, sculptures, drawings, poems, and short stories. An english teacher or an art teacher would recommend a piece of yours to be put into the competition, and you would then need to make an application to have your piece entered. Those who win national medals in the competition are eligible for scholarships up to ten thousand dollars.

Saint Joe students enter work every year. Last year there were a lot of people that entered work into the competition and several of them won gold, silver and bronze medals. These are the awards given to students whose work deserves recognition. If a piece of art is chosen then it is displayed in South Bend, at the Century Center. Then anyone from South Bend can come and view the artwork.

Some of the art medalists from last year were:Michael Blacketor (Honorable Mention x2), Claire Chadwell (Gold Key, Honorable Mention), Gretta Cohoon (Gold Key, Silver Key x3, Honorable Mention), Emma Feltzer (Gold Key), Sanaya Firestone (Gold Key x2, Silver Key), Lidia Frankowska (Gold Key), Emma Gallagher (Gold Key), Sarah Hall (Gold Key), Molly Jachim (Gold Key), Margaret Mark (Silver Key), Mary Miller (Gold Key, Honorable Mention), Emily Shetterly (Gold Key, Silver Key x2, Honorable Mention x2), Hannah Tyler (Gold Key, Silver Key), Emily Visser (Gold Key).

Some of the writing medalists from last year were:Courtney Bean (Gold Key), Katherine Bellia (Silver Key), Olivia Borst (Honorable Mention), Annabeth Bretz (Gold Key x2, Silver Key, Honorable Mention, American Voice Nominee), Claire Chadwell (Gold Key), Dot Crumlish (Silver Key), Ryan Drew (Silver Key x2), Brendan Gonzales (Gold Key), Ethan Horvath (Gold Key), Marguerite Jay (Gold Key x2, Silver Key x2, Honorable Mention), Andrew Lamont (Silver Key), Tea Lazareto (Silver Key), Josie Lloyd (Silver Key), Mary Cate Pruitt (Gold Key).