Sixty Saint Joe Seconds Episode 1 with Guest Liam Fuller

Ben Bailey, Staff Writer

Welcome to the first episode of “Sixty Saint Joe Seconds”, the talk show that highlights a unique student at our school, and introduces them to the entire Saint Joseph community.

The guest appearance in this episode is senior Liam Fuller. Liam thoroughly enjoys being a member of the Track and Field and Cross Country teams, which are his primary activities during the school year. When he isn’t running for sport, Liam can be found rooting on his favorite sports teams and playing video games.

For the first rapidly-asked question, I asked Liam what his favorite song was, to which he responded with “Do You Believe in Magic” by The Lovin’ Spoonful. The song, released in 1965, was ranked #9 in the US BillboardĀ Hot 100 rankings at one point within the first year of its release. Liam’s favorite song has continued to be popular today, despite its 55 year old age, and Liam listens to it “on an almost-daily basis”.

Next, the track star was asked: “What is your favorite sports team?” Now, if you know anything about Liam (and it’s ok if you don’t, that’s the point of the show), you know what this answer will be. “The Boston Red Sox”, he said, “by a long shot.” This love for the 9-time World Series champion can be largely attributed to Liam’s hometown of Albany, NY, about 170 miles away from Fenway Stadium. During the interview, Fuller proclaimed a “hot take”, saying that the “Red Sox are going to win the World Series next year.” Come back to this article next October to see if he was right.

For the final question, I wanted to cover Liam’s track and field career at Saint Joseph. When asked about his favorite memory from the sport, he replied with, “it has to be when I was on the 4×2 relay, and we came top 24 in the state, which means we could have qualified for the indoor state championships”. He says that this showed him the potential and chemistry that his team has, and he looks forward to improving on this memory in the future. Liam made sure to shoutout his track and field coach Mr. McCarthy, as well as teammate Zach Taylor.

I would like to thank Liam for being cooperative and accepting my invitation to be on the show. Make sure you say hello to Mr. Fuller if you see him in any of your Zoom meetings.