What’s The Strangest Social Media Account You Follow?

 From “Mommy Vlogs” to “asmr” the answers from the Saint Joe community were random to say the least. Let’s get to know how truly strange some of these accounts are. 

Two students noted Instagram accounts made by moms. These moms blog their lives and have grown to become influencers. Such accounts include “seersuckersandsaddles”, “Lisa Allen” or “Mommy Bloggers.” I found loads of pictures of a mom with her young kids, and husband. These Instagram accounts document the lives of these moms on instagram. What is so appealing about these accounts you may ask? My friends said it appeals to them because the kids are adorable, they love the stylish clothing everyone wears, and they are now so invested in these families’ lives that they feel like they know them. They claim it is fun to keep up with what is going on in these Moms’ lives, and want to be moms one day so they simply enjoy following these mom influencers. 

Another account mentioned was “Dr. Pimple Popper.” This account includes loads of videos of pimples and blackheads being popped. Some may deem this as gross but the four million followers of this account see it as somehow satisfying. A perfectly popped pimple is just enough to brighten one’s day. 

The Instagram account “Glossy Zodiac” was a popular response that I also follow. This account posts things in relation to your astrological zodiac sign. The posts include how certain signs act in certain situations, and what certain signs’ personalities are like. This may include popular sayings or quotes said by a certain zodiac sign or just relatable posts that may show you how similar you are to your sign. I am always astonished by the accuracy of the posts describing my sign and find it very interesting to learn more about how a typical “pisces” acts.

Finally, satisfying videos or asmr were also popular responses. An evenly sliced piece of foam, or even the sound of paper crinkling appeals to many. Some I spoke to fall asleep to asmr, and others feel calmer after listening to it. Sounds of people chewing foods doesn’t particularly appeal to me but it does appeal to a large crowd of people, reflecting the hundreds of asmr accounts out there. On the other hand, who doesn’t love a good satisfying video? Seeing something fit perfectly somewhere or be slices perfectly can always make a day a little better. Something about these satisfying videos can have someone staring at their phone for hours at a time. 

Fun and random Instagram accounts are what makes anyone’s feed interesting – providing a good change up from barstool sports or friends’ ordinary Instagram posts.  Spice up your own feed by following some of these accounts.