A Thanksgiving Food Drive in 2020

Gabriel Dawson, Editor

As of right now, the Thanksgiving food drive is currently going on. During this food drive in years past, saint joe students would make a donation pledge, and donate that amount. This year, however, it will just look a little different. As an entire school, we will raise our funds and bring in non-perishable food items, then donate the proceeds to this event. This will help provide about 150 local families food to be able to have a Thanksgiving meal, who without our help may not be able to.

There are many ways Saint Joe students and families are able to help this year. First of all we can pray for these local families, and that they may have a joy-filled holiday season. Second, students can volunteer to help load boxes with the food donated, and to load them into cars. This will be happening over the course of three days and this will count towards christian service hours. It costs about $60 per family to provide a meal.

Money donations will be collected from students during flex period. Reference the Saint Joseph High School website to make a credit or debit donation. If you have any questions, just see Mrs. Goy or Mrs. Baglow in the pastoral ministry office. Be generous Saint Joe!