Star Wars Battlefront 2


Michael Yaremus-Krynytskyy, Staff Writer/Video Editor

Getting to pick up and use a lightsaber is every teen’s dream. Star Wars Battlefront 2 helps that dream come true. The game’s campaign, multiplayer, and co-op modes are all (now) well made and cause extreme euphoria. Being released on November 17 of 2017 by Electronic Arts, the game wasn’t well-received because of how the multiplayer framework operated. So to unlock characters you would need to spend countless hours playing on end to grab the small amounts of in-game credits you could get your Jedi hands on. Or you could take the “easy” way out and pay to unlock them, which was not received well at all.

The game’s campaign however was pretty well made (in my opinion). You play as Iden Versio, an Imperial commander of a group of elite soldiers, who went “rogue” and abandoned her fellow comrades in order to join the Rebel Alliance. Although it’s really well made, the campaign is relatively short compared to other FPS campaigns.

The new and improved multiplayer is insanely fun with a ton of playable characters from the Star Wars franchise. There are a huge variety of game modes to choose from in Battlefront. Ranging from simple deathmatch to full-scale galactic war. Whether you are Obi-Wan Kenobi slicing and dicing some clankers, or Kylo Ren slaying some rebel scum, the game has a play style for almost anyone. My personal favorite character to play is for the Separatist Droid army: the Driodeka, a rolling combat droid that has a shield when actively fighting. On a separate note, my friends and I enjoy screaming “for the Republic!” when we charging into battle, just for that added realism and the adrenaline rush.

Co-op is a fun way to hone your inner Jedi and practice with AI. You can set the difficulty to your preference and with an added bonus of picking your favorite maps and modes.

All in all, the game has GREATLY improved since its initial release and I would highly recommend it if you love Star Wars. “May the force be with you.”