The Wild Attacker


Erwin Luu, Staff Writer

A ferocious Saint Joe senior wrestler, Trevor Johnson, looks to take down his competitors and achieve his dream goal of qualifying to the regional level of wrestling. Since Johnny Scott, a legendary wrestler for Saint Joe, graduated last year, Trevor is anxious to step up and compete for Saint Joe with all his spirit.

Trevor’s wrestling skill is bringing the team together with his competitiveness and crazy spirit. Trevor began wrestling in the sixth grade. During his time at Saint Joe,  he has become stronger and developed a barbaric mindset in competitions. His opponents are always on their toes and Trevor always give them a challenge – often dominating the floor with his wild moves.

COVID  ended the spring wrestling season unexpectedly his junior year, so he is focused on making the most of this year. In the spring, he especially missed the practices and close relationships he had developed with the coaches who sacrificed their time and effort in making Trevor become a better wrestler. Quarantine helped him develop the skill of patience and self-motivation. Trevor has learned how to control his moves with patience rather than only rush in with speed and ferocity in order to ground his opponent efficiently.

Trevor credits wrestling with improving his overall focus in life. He enjoys the environment the wrestling team has developed and how close he gets to make history for Saint Joe. He encourages everyone to give wrestling a try as wrestling can help you develop necessary skills and strengths to become better in other sports. Stay up to date with the wrestling meets and see Trevor wrestle at

Photo from Jacob Marscola.