Mock Trial Starts a New Season


Mia Sniadecki, Staff Writer

Another year, another case- it’s time for Mock Trial! This year Mock Trial saw a great turn out of new members and old alike. Here is some information on how this season is going to go down.

Sponsored by the Indiana Bar Foundation, Mock Trial is a competition based club in which participants research a case and act out the trial with an opposing team. Whoever gives the best performance and argument for their client gets the points. Teams prepare for months and practice diligently for competitions. It also gives students the opportunity to see what working in the judicial system is really like. Last year, St. Joe’s all-sophomore team made it all the way to state!

Of course, COVID-19 has turned some things upside down, but the trials go on. This year, the competitions for both regional and state will be online. This new component will surely add an interesting, yet challenging perspective to the match and St. Joe’s Mock Trial is ready to face it head on. Even more exciting is this year’s case deals with arson and the story is sure to take many twists and turns. All in all, Mock Trial is looking to have a great season.

If you are interested in Mock Trial you can contact moderators Ms. Henderson at [email protected] or Mr. Smith at [email protected] . Practices are on Mondays from 7 to 8:30 pm and will be currently held over zoom.