Saint Joe Open House Opening Up our Community!


Alexis Kintzele, reporter

This past weekend on November 8th, Saint Joseph High School hosted the annual open house. The open house is a time for incoming freshmen and their families to be introduced to Saint Joseph’s morals and values. The upperclassmen of National Honors Society ran the event, either giving tours around the school to families or supervising sports/club tables that represent their strengths. For the few hours that the school was open, many people walked through the doors and were provided with informational tours.

In the Open House, the students wanted to show the diversity we have within our programs and how well each of them excel. Our school has 7 different wings including one for Language, Social Studies, Math, Arts, Science, Theology, and Language Arts. Each wing has at least 4 or 5 teachers, and all are very well educated. Our school offers four different languages (Spanish, German, French, and Mandrin) which gives students a choice for what they want to learn. Along with language, there are many different avenues to go down elective wise; accounting, art/pottery classes, photography, and digital design are just some of the many opportunities offered to all students. 

Along with showing the diversity within our programs, it also showed the families how diverse our community is within the school. With multiple representatives at each booth, club, or sport, the families were shown how involved the students are with our school and how the spirit can be shown well throughout the school year. Not only were there booths for SADD club (students against destructive decisions), Student government, or Chess club, over 20 sports are offered including wrestling, football, lacrosse, and many other successful programs.

The Open House was a grand hit even with the pandemic because many families came and many students showed up to adhere to the parents’ needs. We are a community and love to represent it!