Netflix Christmas Movie and Show Recommendations 2020

It’s that time of year again! Check out 2020’s best Christmas movie and show recommendations on Netflix.

Bella Troester, staff writer/ video editor

With less than three weeks left until finals we’re all going to get extremely stressed and need something to help us relax. It’s perfect timing for Netflix to release numerous Christmas movies and shows to look forward to watching. It is important to study and keep up academically but also important  to wind down and treat yourself for working hard. What better way to get ready for Christmas than to relax on the couch with a cozy blanket while drinking hot chocolate and watching something that excites you? Now it’s time to find a movie or show that excites you. Here are a variety of movies and shows on Netflix that you can check out. 

If you’re into romance a perfect match would be Dash and Lily. It was released November 10th and fans are already asking when season two will be released. Dash and Lily both love books and pass back and forth a red journal that they exchange every few days at the library. The journal is full of not only facts about each, but they also dare each other to do things. When they pull through with the dare, they get to learn more about one another. They learn that Lily is scared of the world and scared to meet Dash in person and let him down. Watch the series to see if Lily ever gets over her fear to meet Dash.

A reality show full of Christmas spirit is Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas. You get to follow interior designer Benjamin Bradley better known as Mr. Christmas along with his helper elves fill people’s homes with Christmas joy and decorations. If you’re a HGTV lover this show would definitely hit the spot!

A movie filled with Christmas songs is the musical Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (2020). Dolly Parton is the star as she appears as an angel to bring Christmas joy to a broken town. People are getting forced to move out of their homes on Christmas Eve. Dolly comes and questions the Grinch-like figure who is asking people to move out. See if Dolly brings enough music and Christmas spirit to fix the broken town. 

If you’re looking for comedy or crime then Christmas Catch (2018). An undercover cop working for the FBI is trying to work her magic to find a diamond theft. Although her magic got overpowered by love when she fell for the theft. She spent her days leading up to Christmas spying on the man of her dreams. Watch this romance if you want to add some suspense and laughs to your holiday season! 

Finding a movie or tv show you love on Netflix is so easy! Go check these recommendations out as well as many more new releases to get you in the Christmas spirit. Good luck with studying and finals but remember to relax and take breaks.