Tips for Winterizing Your Car


The air is getting frigid, the leaves have fallen, and the frost is beginning to cover the ground in the morning. Winter is finally among us.

Not only does this mean Christmas celebrations, New Years parties, snowball fights, and hitting the ski slopes, it also means a whole new environment to adapt to when driving on the road. Here in South Bend, we are all accustomed to the extreme conditions our winter has to offer, but that is no reason not be be extra prepared for what is to come when dealing with the unpredictable road conditions.

My first item I recommend everyone keeps in their car during the winter is an ice scraper and brush. Picture this, you walk outside after a long day of school to be met by your car covered in a 3 inch layer of snow and ice that was left as a result of the snowy conditions, something all of us have experienced. By keeping an ice scraper, ideally on the passenger side floor, you can quickly remove the ice and snow off your windshield and quickly be on your way.

Secondly, I would recommend keeping a blanket and gloves somewhere in your car at all times. You never know when your car could suddenly break down or get stuck somewhere during the winter. In case this would happen and help is far away, a blanket and glovers are essential for staying warm while your car is unable to do that.

Finally, I would recommend that people have a bag of sand in their car, especially for smaller cars. I would recommend this because you can never see patches of black ice coming on turns and a potential harmful slide out could be lessened by some added weight to your car.

Hopefully you take note of these recommendations and stay safe this winter.